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SQE Sends Message to BOT and Fellow Students: It Is Time For Action

At the January 26, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting, the BOT discussed a”sustainability report” that proposes annual tuition increases and the increased privatization of the CSU. SQE members spoke out against the BOT’s attacks on public higher education, and called on faculty and fellow students to take action and fight for the right to free higher education. The full text of our statement is below.

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Petitioning California State University Board of Trustees

Tell the California State University Board of Trustees: No More Fees!

In the fight for the future of the CSU, student voices must be heard!
The CSU administration’s proposed “sustainability model” will not sustain a public, accessible, affordable CSU. It proposes increasing tuition/fees every year based on inflation, cutting financial aid, and increasing reliance on private corporations. When the CSU budget was cut during the recession, the burden was placed on the back of students, with tuition skyrocketing almost 300% in the last 15 years (far beyond the cost of inflation). We cannot afford any more fees. It is a matter of priorities, and we demand that the CSU prioritize students by (1) committing to no more fee increases and (2) continuing to advocate for a fully-funded, public CSU. Join us in letting the Board of Trustees know that we will only accept a sustainability model that sustains the ability for ALL students to attend and succeed in the CSU for years to come.

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NOV 17th Action at the BOARD OF TRUSTEES

Students for Quality Education. S.Q.E.  took to the streets to demand action at the Board of Trustees in Long Beach on Nov 17th. During the Fall semester of 2015,  each campus throughout the state had a solidarity actions that same day and we will DEMAND that our tuition stay frozen and ask for fair wages for our faculty, namely a raise of 5%.

SQE On The Radio / Fee Campaign Update!

SQE was on the radio talking about the latest round of fees at the CSU campuses! Check it out here. It’s only five or so minutes.

You can also read a larger article at the Sacramento Bee. Here’s a blurb:

Student success fees have now been introduced at 12 of the 23 CSU campuses since 2011, as the university has turned to raising tuition and other sources of funding to offset budget cuts. Ranging from $162 per year at CSU San Bernardino State to $630 at San Jose State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, many of the success fees were implemented through a vote because students wanted to finish their degrees faster.

Criticism began to mount in the past few months, however, as more campuses debated adding or raising their success fees, which come on top of CSU’s $5,742 annual tuition for in-state students and often hundreds of dollars in other facilities, health and activities fees.

CSUS March 4 Rally

Demanding quality, affordable, and accessible public education, an estimated 2,000 students, faculty and people in the community came together in solidarity to fight for public education.   March 4th 2010 marked a historic date as students from grade school to universities voiced their concerns and demands in front of the state Capitol.  Administrators to lawmakers heard the importance of adjusting the priorities to address the needs of the students and faculty and the need to reinvest in public schools and colleges through creative chants, songs and guerrilla theater put together by students and faculty.