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Petition: Reject Current Student Success Fees

SQE has another petition underway to try and staunch the latest round of fees and would-be fees. Here’s a summary of the situation:

The CSU has attempted to raise fees every year for over a decade regardless of circumstances and in many cases justifying increases on speculation rather than research. The most recent attempt, Student Success Fees, has been in defiance of Governor Brown’s 4 year moratorium on tuition fee hikes for the CSU.

And here is Students for Quality Education’s suggestions (nine total) :

1. 50% +1 of entire student body has to participate in vote.
2. A “Yes” or “No” vote will be binding.
3. Every student currently enrolled that would be required to pay the fee, should be allowed to vote.
4. Instate a third party review of budget reports and funding allocation to ensure transparency.
5. Should students approve the new fees, Campus Presidents will host open meetings to present how they intend to spend the funds with uncensored Questions & Answer section.
6. Post-allocation transparency reports should be itemized and given to all students and faculty.
7. Current fees that were voted down by students should be repealed.
8. All campuses that were denied a vote should be required to hold a student vote.
9. Establish a three year sunset on approved fees.

 You can fill out the petition here. Every signature will help the administration understand that students are already overtaxed and overstretched.

Sacramento State Students Reject Fees

Students at Sacramento State University have rejected a 438$ annual fee increase in the previous week. Here’s a blurb:

“The democratic process has been followed,” Gonzalez said in a statement. “Although I could have implemented the student fee last spring … I wanted students to have the opportunity to vote on the issue.”

Also note that while the article is framed as attempting to build a “residential campus”, none of the funding was actually allocated for student housing (which is a major problem). Additionally, note that the democratic oversight in this case (a simple vote) was optional and could have easily been ignored by the administration.

More On Student “Success” Fees

The LA Times had written an editorial talking about the CSU Student Success fees. Here’s a blurb; they aren’t terribly enamored with them:

When fees are imposed, they should include sunset dates, so that one set of students isn’t encumbering future generations. Fees should not be used to hire full-time, permanent faculty or staff, which locks a school into higher expenses down the road in the form of salaries, raises and pension obligations. In fact, fees should not be used on instruction at all. That’s a tuition expense, not a fee. The board should not allow the creation of have and have-not campuses, setting up a situation in which students with more money pay fees that others can’t afford at the colleges that offer more courses and counselors.

New Campaign: Stop The Fees!

Students For Quality Education is currently attempting to stall or stop the current implementation of still another round of fees on the CSU student body. A 283% increase since 2002 is a trend that needs to be stop!

So, what do you know about these fees? We’re curious to know, and we’ll tell the powers that be. You can take our poll here that will help us quite a bit in letting the administration know!

Stay tuned for future actions and updates!

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