March 2 Day of Action to Defend Public Education

March 2nd events that are happening on various CSU Campuses: CSU Fresno Who: Members of Students for Quality Education (SQE) What: Students will stage carnival games demonstrating the perils of $500 million cut to the CSU budget. All games will incorporate an educational theme of what is happening to public education and what students can do to fight back. When: 11:30am-2pm Where: CSU Fresno Free Speech Area and Peace Garden   CSU Fullerton Who: Faculty members and representatives from Students for Quality Education (SQE) What: “The Meaning and Value of Public Education: Renewing a Democratic Vision.” Forum to bring together...

CSUS March 4 Rally

Demanding quality, affordable, and accessible public education, an estimated 2,000 students, faculty and people in the community came together in solidarity to fight for public education.   March 4th 2010 marked a historic date as students from grade school to universities voiced their concerns and demands in front of the state Capitol.  Administrators to lawmakers heard the importance of adjusting the priorities to address the needs of the students and faculty and the need to reinvest in public schools and colleges through creative chants, songs and guerrilla theater put together by students and faculty.

Walk Out March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010 will be a massive statewide Strike and Day of Action in Defense of Public Education. Hundreds of schools from all sectors of education throughout California will be holding peaceful protests and actions against the catastrophic cuts, layoffs, and fee hikes!