Fight The Tuition Increase:

March BOT Action Flyer

CSU Funding and Students of Color Info Doc

CSU Funding and Students of Color Infographic (for Social Media)

CFA Fact Checking Tuition Myths

Tuition Increase FAQ

Three Things You Can Do To Stop The Tuition Increase

#FreeTheCSU Flyers


SQE Free Higher Ed Campaign:

Disorientation Guide – Spring 2017

SQE Free Higher Education Pamphlet

Why A Free CSU?

SQE Manifesto Zine

Fight Tuition Increases: May Day 2016 “Reclaim the CSU” Day of Action

SQE Fact Sheet Spring 2016

Demands Against Sustainability Report March 2016

Resources on Faculty Strike:

SQE Strike FAQ

Faculty Strike Half Page Student Flyer 

Student Strike Commit Card  (Paper Version)



Materials for organizers. These might be useful to people attempting to make posters, videos, fliers, and other materials for their campaigns.

Free image editors:  (similar to Adobe Photoshop)



Free office programs: (similar to Microsoft Office)



Free media player: (similar to Windows Media Player)


Free video editor: (similar to Adobe Premiere)