2018-2019 Tuition Increase

**Update! We defeated the tuition increase! This victory happened because we came together and fought back – speaking at Board of Trustees meetings, rallying in Sacramento, calling, sending letters, and more! Now onto the next fight: winning free higher education throughout California.***

Proposed 2018-2019 Tuition Increase

  • For the second year in a row, the Board of Trustees is considering a tuition increase (4% or $228).
  • This is after our tuition has already increased more than 300% since 2000, after 1 in 4 students are already food insecure, and after our campus Presidents received another salary round of increases.  
  • In order to stop the BOT from increasing tuition, we need Governor Brown to fund the CSU!
  • To make Governor Brown fund the CSU properly, we need thousands of students to mobilize to the Capitol on April 4th
  • Students cannot afford another tuition increase, and our University leaders must stand with students by fighting for long term, sustainable funding to the CSU on April 4th in Sacramento.

(Informational flyer to print here)

2017 Tuition Increase

After the Board of Trustees voted to increase tuition despite fierce opposition (more on that here), we took our fight to the Capitol. The state failed to allocate the CSU the funding we needed to stop the increase, so students saw a 5% tuition increase this fall.

Why an Increase?

  • Declining state support
  • Increased Enrollment
  • Tuition freeze (that students fought for) just ended
  • Graduation Initative 2025

How Much did it Increase?

  • $270 for in-state undergraduates
  • $438 for graduate students

Know the facts:

  • Between 2002-2012 tuition went up 283%. Today we are already paying far more than any generation of CSU students before us.
  • Statewide tuition was frozen for four years because students came together to fight against these increases. Thousands of us marched and demonstrated, shared our stories and forced the CSU Administration to listen.
  • Now the freeze is over and Chancellor White says we need a $270 tuition increase to fund his “Graduation Initiative.” But how can he expect students to graduate sooner if we have to spend more time working in order to pay tuition?

Want to learn more? Check out these resources on the tuition increase and our free higher education campaign. And follow our social media campaign here.

This fight is not over. We are watching closely to see if the CSU administration will try to increase our tuition AGAIN for the 2018-2019 school year, and in the meantime we are focusing on our free higher education campaign. We know that ultimately the only way we will return to an truly free CSU education is to fight for a dedicated source of funding outside of the budget to restore the CSU to funding levels of the 1960s. We are ready to make free higher education an issue that everyone in California running for office in 2018 must take a stance on, and we hope you join us!