CSU Board of Trustees

Meet CSU’s 1%: the CSU Board of Trustees

The CSU is run by a Board of Trustees who are appointed by the Governor, with confirmation by the state legislature. They are not elected, like a school board member, or a trustee of a community college. No Trustee, with the exception of the Chancellor and the Faculty Trustee, receives any salary for his or her service.

The Board of Trustees make all of the really big decisions for CSU:

  1. They vote on raising student fees
  1. They have the ability to hire/fire the Chancellor
  1. They vote on giving raises to the Chancellor and CSU Presidents
  1. They can approve system-wide policies such as the Grad Initiative, Early Start, etc.

How CSU Trustees Are Selected

Under present law there are 25 Trustees (24 voting and one non-Appointed Trustees (16): Appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the State Senate. Serves for 8-year terms. Openings are staggered, so the current Governor does not end up appointing all the current Trustees.

Student Trustees (2):

Appointed by Governor from nominees proposed by the California State Student Association. These Student Trustees serve staggered two-year terms: their first year they have no voting power, their second year they do. So there are always two student trustees, one able to vote, the other is unable to until their second year.

Alumni Trustee:

Appointed by CSU Statewide Alumni Council Serves for 2 years.

Faculty Trustee:

Appointed by Governor from nominees proposed by the Statewide Academic Senate. Serves for 2 years.

Ex-Officio Members (5):  

Members while in office.


Lieutenant Governor

Speaker of the Assembly

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

The CSU Chancellor (non-voting member)