Justice for Josiah

Pictures from #JusticeForJosiah week of action:

October 15 Week of Action:


**Contact your local SQE chapter with questions or email us at [email protected]**


Monday 10/15:


Sonoma StateSocial media blast, tabling with mural, 11:45am-1:30pm

CSUDH: Tabling @ Free Speech Area, 10am – 1pm

CSUF: Banner Drop

SF State: Rally in Malcolm X Plaza, 12-2pm ,  screening of Unsolved Hate documentary from 5-6pm with Q&A

Fresno State: Rally in Free Speech area/ Open Mic (12-2pm)

CSU Chico: Social Media Blast of Info on Josiah Lawson/Chalking around campus

CSUEB: Banner drop and tabling in front of University Unions

HSU: Banner drop, healing justice space

SSU: Mass social media blast, chalking and tabling

CSUS: Tabling with our CFA chapter, campus art

CPP: Teach in w/ BSU 

CSUSM: Teach in/ informative event

SDSU: Teach-In @ 5 pm in the Center for Intercultural Relations

CSUSB: Flyering

SDSU: Roundtable Discussion/Informative Event ~ Social Media Blast

CP SLO: Boothing with art and candles

CSULB: Banner making


Tuesday 10/16:


CSUDH: Teach-In at 12:30pm at SAC 2112

CSUF: Vigil and rally, Humanities building, 2-3pm

CSU Chico: Tabling/Flyering/Info on Josiah Lawson

CSUEB: Moment of silence

Sonoma State: Tabling and banner drop and continue social media blast

CSUSM: Tabling

CP SLO: Boothing with art and candles

HSU: Lunch conversation about safety, 11:30


Wednesday 10/17:

CSUF: Unsolved Hate documentary screening and open discussion (LH 315B, 1-3pm)

Sonoma State: Evening vigil (6pm) and tabling

CSU Chico: Banner Drop

CSUEB: Tabling with live painting on campus

HSU: Tabling and banner drop

CSULB: Phone banking

CSUDH: Flyer Blast & Banner Drop

CP SLO: Banner drop, flyering around school

HSU: banner drop, healing through art


Thursday 10/18:

CSUF: Phone banking on Titan walk

CSUEB: Candle-lighting and die-in

CSUSM: Tabling and Meeting

CSUS: Josiah documentary screening and discussion, 6-8pm

CSUDH: Tabling @ Free Speech Area, 10am – 1:30pm

Sonoma State: Social media and flyer blasts, tabling with mural, 11:50am-1pm

CP SLO: Documentary/Workshop during SQE meeting

HSU: banner drop

CSU Chico: film screening, Arts 112, 5pm


Friday 10/19:

HSU: banner drop

CSUF: Social media blast

CSULB: Social media blast 

CSUB: Educational awareness event, 6pm

Sonoma State: Social media and flyer blasts, tabling with mural, 11:50am-1pm, closing ceremony and discussion

CP SLO: Protest outside slo county jail, mail letters