SQE’s Core Principles

  1. SQE is committed to the CA Master Plan for Higher Education’s principles of an affordable (tuition-free), accessible, quality education for all Californians.
  2. SQE works towards securing a fully-funded CSU that would eliminate the need for student fees. SQE is concerned with the growing cost of higher education, and growing student debt.
  3. SQE is committed to nonviolent political and grassroots organizing. SQE believes in developing strong student leaders on our campuses.
  4. SQE recognizes that faculty working conditions are student learning conditions; therefore, we will maintain solidarity with faculty, and develop strong student-faculty alliances.
  5. SQE believes the CSU should be governed by its students, faculty and staff.
  6. SQE is devoted to preserving ethnic, women’s, and genders studies on our campuses.
  7. SQE is committed to dismantling the interlocking systems of institutional power that have led to a demise of the CSU. We are against privatization, corporate sponsorship, and top-down governance–and truly believe that the People’s University should be governed by the people, for the people.