Week of Action 4/2015 Photos!

Sixteen different campuses had actions relating to education as a human right! Here are a few photos from a variety of campuses across the CSU system (Fresno, Sacramento, and San Francisco) that had actions, teach ins, and other events:

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Week Of Action For April!

SQE has a series of actions planned for April! This mostly pertains to worsening tuition issues on campus spawned by the near-perpetual fiscal crisis and subsequent questionable policy decisions of the CSU administration. Education is a right! Here’s a summary:

Within the California State University (CSU) system, tuition, campus based fees, and cost of living have increased dramatically in the past decade. Additionally, administrative salaries have rocketed, faculty wages have stagnated, and the financial weight of CSU expenses has shifted onto the shoulders’ of students and their families.

We must come together, build community and formulate demands that work for our universities. We must act and we must act now.

Here’s the statewide calendar schedule:

  • April 13th: Chico State, CSU East Bay, CSU Los Angeles, Cal Poly Pomona, and Sacramento State.
  • April 14th: CSU Fresno, CSU Los Angeles, Sacramento State, CSU Northridge, and Sonoma State.
  • April 15th: San Jose State, SFSU, CSU East Bay, CSU Long Beach, and Cal Poly Pomona.
  • April 16th: CSU Los Angeles, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU San Marcos, Sonoma State, and San Fransciso State.
  • April 17th: CSU Fresno

We hope to see you there! Education is a right, it should be free!

Petition: Reject Current Student Success Fees

SQE has another petition underway to try and staunch the latest round of fees and would-be fees. Here’s a summary of the situation:

The CSU has attempted to raise fees every year for over a decade regardless of circumstances and in many cases justifying increases on speculation rather than research. The most recent attempt, Student Success Fees, has been in defiance of Governor Brown’s 4 year moratorium on tuition fee hikes for the CSU.

And here is Students for Quality Education’s suggestions (nine total) :

1. 50% +1 of entire student body has to participate in vote.
2. A “Yes” or “No” vote will be binding.
3. Every student currently enrolled that would be required to pay the fee, should be allowed to vote.
4. Instate a third party review of budget reports and funding allocation to ensure transparency.
5. Should students approve the new fees, Campus Presidents will host open meetings to present how they intend to spend the funds with uncensored Questions & Answer section.
6. Post-allocation transparency reports should be itemized and given to all students and faculty.
7. Current fees that were voted down by students should be repealed.
8. All campuses that were denied a vote should be required to hold a student vote.
9. Establish a three year sunset on approved fees.

 You can fill out the petition here. Every signature will help the administration understand that students are already overtaxed and overstretched.

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