Thank You!





Dear fellow students:

We sincerely thank you for joining us in our statewide action on April 4th, 2018.  Without your support, commitment, and attendance, this action would not have been possible and successful. By mobilizing, taking up space, fighting for the people’s movement, and by publicly sharing our unique experiences, we are stronger than ever before.

  • At the #FreeTheCSU action hosted by Students for Quality Education (SQE) and the California Faculty Association (CFA), we rallied for hours, with energetic chants called on Gov. Jerry Brown to increase critical funding for the California State University
  • We fought to #FreeTheCSU from student fee increases, tuition, threats to undocumented members of the campus community, systemic underfunding by the state, and threats to academic freedom
  • We mobilized in large numbers, in a stunning show of solidarity and strength, as over 1,000 students, faculty and allies overtook the North side of the State Capitol
  • Before the main event began, students kicked off the day by giving Governor Brown a wake-up call and demonstrating outside of his house

We want you to know that the fight is not just over yet. There is much work to be done and even more solidarity needed so that we can reach our goals and have our needs met. From calling the Governor to demand full funding, to getting involved with SQE and planning your own future actions, the work has just begun.

Students for Quality Education  is an active group that exists on different CSU campus as a space for any student wishing to take charge in organizing for accessibility, affordability, and quality education in the CSU.  We encourage you all to not put an end to your activism, and tune into our organizations collective goal to Free the CSU and stop the tuition increase.

In solidarity,